Conscious Commerce

The spirit of aloha is the foundation of our business. At the end of the day we are all people working toward joy. Our goal is to create relationships that extend beyond providing goods in exchange for payment but encourages a community of people coming together in a way that we can grow and flourish.


Global Design

We are located on the Big Island of Hawaii but have clients all over the world. The beauty of art is that is spans oceans and time. And having skype and fancy internet doesn't hurt either!


Equivalent Exchnage

Everything we create is done with love and joy, so that the intention may be passed on to the receiver. We appreciate the exchange of energy with every website, logo, piece of jewelry or breath we are sharing with you. Thank you for being such an amazing spirit and please continue to pass on this love to the world so they may know how beautiful and bright your light is.

Our Work

What You Can Expect

logosquareMishi's slogan "Some People Live, I Create!" is a testament to her love of creative expression. Her talent for analyzing the larger picture is perfectly supplemented with her passion for details. This unique balance results in logos, print and web that blends smart, user-friendly content and visually dynamic graphics in perfect harmony. 

Mishi also offers photo refinishing, art pieces, conscious jewelry and hand made items for specialty events. 

"I am happiest when I am creating...whether that is art, love or simply moments!" Mishi 

Say Hi!

Add : P.O. Box 714 Volcano, HI 96785
Phone : 808-775-9001
Mobile: 808-313-1425
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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is About Creating Yourself."

George Bernard Shaw